Stable Diffusion Cloud web UI

Akuma is the easiest way to generate

with the model of your choice

Easy but Pro mode. Have complete control over parameters like in Stable Diffusion WebUI. Run everything on the cloud.

Run Any Model

Upload and generate with your favorite Stable Diffusion model. No setup is required.

Our Roadmap

Use ControlNet/LoRA without a hassle and control your outputs
Train Your own Model
Use your own data and fine-tune your own model
Collaborate with your team
Manage models and generated assets with others in shared workspaces

Start today and receive 25 free generation credits.



Q. Do I need a GPU?

A. You don't need a GPU to use Akuma. As long as you have a PC and internet, you can generate images on the cloud

Q. Can I use Japanese in my prompt?

A. Currently, we only support prompts in English.

Q. Can I use SDXL models?

A. Currently, we do not allow SDXL model uploads.

Q. Can I use the generated images commercially?

A. Please check the license of the model you are using.

Q. What is Stable Diffusion web UI?

A. Stable Diffusion web UI is a tool that lets you generate images in a browser interface. Popular software such as AUTOMATIC1111 allows you to have advanced settings and extensions.

Q. What is the difference between Stable Diffusion web UI and Akuma?

A. Akuma is a complete cloud solution. You don’t need a PC with GPU to generate images. Akuma provides you with a professional tool without the cost in setups and updating to the newest AI technologies.